behind the scenes

March 16, 2017

behind the scenes

Our Spring 17 Photoshoot

Turn and face the strange
David Bowie

Here’s the rundown: I’ve been trying to find local photographers since I’ve been doing so many shoots, but the photographer I’d used before had a baby due that week. My model/soulmate/sister-in-law, Jen, was eight months pregnant. The studio I normally shoot at was booked. We switched to an LA fabric mill to develop all our own knit fabrics and the process was quite extensive, which led me to start looking at wovens to see what I could create. There’s a newness theme and none if it was planned! Time to try new things? Challenge accepted.

It was scary. It was stepping out of my comfort zone. It was pushing the limit and my customer’s comfort level as well. However, if there is one thing I’m good at, it is problem solving and it inspires me creatively.

The Spring 17 photoshoot was by far the smoothest one to date. Some things I’ve learned from the past shoots:

  1. Find a great natural light studio. (I’m so sorry, to my sister, Remi for never, ever having this for her!)
  2. Don’t shoot immediately after you’ve finished designing. Usually, I’m driving the final dresses from the pattern makers straight to the shoot! Wait at least two weeks to let yourself recover creatively.
  3. Limit working relationships with your family. I tend to micromanage them (that’s an understatement) and it just doesn’t help anyone get their job done. Something I really need to work on. (Sorry to my sisters!)
  4. Have an assistant. Or four.
  5. Have your assistant schedule hair, model pick up times, lunch, snacks, thank you gifts, etc.
  6. If creative directing, leave logistics to your team. You need to be focused and you’ll regret it later if you don't. 
  7. Have a "pre" and "post" meeting. (thanks to my sister Tiffany for this idea)
  8. Give everyone job descriptions. Email it days before. Print it out the day of. Go over it in your "pre" meeting. 
  9. Give the photographer a “shot list” of exactly what you need.
  10. Hire a stylist. Didn’t do this and should have. We took polaroids beforehand that you can see below! 
  11. Get there an hour or two before everyone else and set up.
  12. Lastly, let all the great people you hired do their jobs!

This was the magic formula. The second half of the magic formula was having enough money to pay for all of these things! Four years and I finally can! 

A huge thank you to:

Jen, Jenna, Natasha, Trey, Tiffany, Delbarr, Cece, Annie, John, Graham and Emily for being a dream team. 
I joked with them that it almost ran too smooth. I guess I like a bit of drama!


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