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    Are Sonnet James dresses for sale in any retail stores where I can try them on?

    No, at this point Sonnet James dresses are only available through our website. We are committed to creating raving fans out of each customer and if the dress you purchased doesn’t work for you please let us know and we are happy to help. 

    Will you be restocking sold-out dress styles?

    Because restocking depends on our ability to source fabric, we are unable provide an availability date at this time. Follow us on Instagram @sonnetjames and watch the website for updates.


    Do you make dresses is petite and tall sizes?

    The Summer and Fall lines features tall styles in the Reese White, Remi blue/grey, Remi teal/teal and Scout dresses. Theses styles have the same fit as all other Sonnet James dresses with an additional 4 inches of length for all you tall glasses of water. As the company grows, we hope to make a wider range of sizes.

    Why don’t you make dresses for curvier women?

    Most of you probably know that the Sonnet James model is my beloved sister-in-law, who has helped me so much through the entire process of “starting up.” The dress size XS corresponds to her measurements, so that’s the size you will see modeled in the photos.

    However, the dresses should be comfortable, playful, and flattering for all shapes! Each style is made in XS, S, M, L, and XL. Take a look at the sizing guide here. An XL corresponds approximately to the numeric size 14. Search #sonnetjames on Instagram for a sampling of moms of all shapes and sizes loving their Sonnet James dresses!


    Pregnancy and Breastfeeding:

    Can I wear my Sonnet James dress throughout my pregnancy?

    Yes! Most of our dress styles accommodate a growing baby bump beautifully. The Dree, Liv, Marni, Scout and Teddy dresses are guaranteed to fit throughout all 40 weeks, while the Piper, Remi, Sailor, Stella, Margot, Nori, and Mia will look fantastic well into your pregnancy – depending on fit preference. The Doutzen, Winnie, Reese, and Quincy dresses are made of a firmer (but still so soft) fabric that offer superb shaping and coverage. Although these dresses are quite stretchy and look adorable on a bump, they may not stretch to all 40 weeks.

    What size should I order if I am pregnant? Should I get my regular size, or buy a size up?

    We recommend buying your non-pregnant size. See the response above, but most of our dress styles should be able accommodate your growing belly throughout the entire pregnancy. If you’ve ordered your regular size you’ll still be able to enjoy it post-baby!

    Will you make dresses that are breastfeeding-friendly?

    All the dresses with a scoop neck are easy to scoot down under the breast to nurse. The fabric and stitching are super stretchy and have amazing “memory”, so the neckline bounces right back. If the neckline seems looser after wearing the dress several days, just wash it in cold water, hang it to dry, and the neckline will be just like new!

    The Sonnet James designs that have this scooped or v-neckline for easy breastfeeding are: Marni, Stella, Sailor, Daisy, Margot, Liv, and Nori. 

    Many women also tell us they breastfeed in Sonnet James dresses with a higher neckline, such as the Remi and Piper. The neckline on the Reese, Doutzen, Mara, Winnie, and Eve is a little too high and thick to work well for breastfeeding.



    Are all Sonnet James dresses made of the same basic fabric?

    Sonnet James uses two different fabric weights from different dress designs: mid-weight (rayon and spandex) and heavy-weight (nylon, rayon and lycra). The mid-weight fabric is a bit more casual, cooler and perfect for an everyday relaxed fit (Marni, Teddy, Kate, Isabel, Florence, Remi, Sailor, Daisy, Nori, Noe, Stella, Margot and Piper). The heavy-weight fabric offers more complete coverage of undergarment lines so the dresses can be more form-fitted and sophisticated, while remaining utterly comfortable (Quincy, Winnie, Reese, Mara, Doutzen and Eve).



    How do I return a dress?

    Send your dress along with it’s original packing slip and a note letting us know what you'd like us to do for you to:

    Sonnet James
    845 Ramona #721
    Palo Alto, CA 94301



    What are your shipping options?

    See Shipping & Returns page. 

    Can I sell Sonnet James dresses in my retail store?

    At this point we are only selling our dresses online. However, if you own a store and are interested in purchasing Sonnet James dresses at wholesale please email with a subject line “Wholesale” and we will save your information for future reference.

    I’d like to feature your dresses on my website/blog/Instagram. Do you have any high-resolution images I can use?

    We would LOVE for you to feature Sonnet James! Email with a request for images and we’ll be happy to send them your way.

    I’d like to work for Sonnet James, are you hiring?

    Email your CV to and we’ll be in touch.



    Do you sell gift cards?

    Yes! We offer e-gift cards on our shop page.



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