it's so nice to meet you

Hi! I'm Whitney. I studied in Europe, lived in Hawaii and have explored every ridge of the Rockies. I grew up riding motorcycles, am learning to surf, and can make a chicken and dumplings that will simply knock your socks off. I love to play the music I write and am on an epic journey to find the world’s best chocolate chip cookie. 

I'm also the mother to two adventurous, loveable and crazy little boys. My love for fashion and dedication to my boys led me to create Sonnet James. I believe passionately in being a playful and involved mother.

xx, Whitney 

I got you, girl.

Getting the kids dressed, shoes found (and on their feet!), hair combed, teeth brushed, breakfast made, and lunches packed is no easy task. Who has time to figure out what to wear while heading out the door in the morning?! Not me, ever. I’m lucky if I remember to brush my own teeth. Sorry, TMI. 

That's why I designed the play dress. If you're tired of yoga pants, then this is your one-stop-shop a.k.a. your #momuniform. I’ve put a spin on all my favorite designs and made them out of super soft, stretchy fabrics. They feel like pajamas, but will make you look and feel put together. From experience, Sonnet James dresses will allow you to get on your hands and knees to grab that missing lego piece under the refrigerator. At the end of the day when those banana hands have been wiped clean on your dress, throw it in the wash and you are good to go. 

Now let's put on some gangster rap (by that I mean Ed Sheeran) drink some coffee (by that I mean warm water with lemon) and handle this. 

The perfect summer dress

"Therein lies the mysterious power of the summer dress. If you, like me, are a 'dress' person you will know what it is that a dress, quite unlike trousers, skirts, shorts, blouses and jackets brings to the way you feel. It offers the promise of a life that is deliciously removed from the pressures of every day, the repetitiveness of routine, the need to be somewhere, do something, that makes up so much of our time, and transports you instead to something far more enjoyable and gracious. It allows you to dream, to slow down - to be girlish, even."

-Alexandra Shulman, The Guardian The Wow Factor, June 2009

you are my summer

Makes me think of grapefruit juice
Trampoline and ice cream soup
Spitting watermelon seeds
Grass stains on my favorite jeans
Jumping rope and riding bikes
Playing hide and seek at night
Farmer's tans and swimming pools
But most of all I think of you, you, you
You are my summer


care instructions

1. Get really dirty.     2. Rinse.     3. Repeat. 

Okay, but seriously. Spot treat as needed (a.k.a. chocolate stains). Turn inside out and wash cold. I like to button the top button on the wovens. Tumble dry or lay flat or hang dry to make it last 10x longer. For wovens, I put them in the dryer and promptly take them out. They look perfectly pressed!


Aww! you made it all the way to the bottom

Fun things to do with the kids:

1. Have a picnic

2. Go for a walk

3. Watch the sun set

4. Play dress up

5. Talk in pig latin

6. Make cookies

7. Cook dinner together

8. Build a fort

9. Scream

10. Go for a drive

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