Play dresses for playful moms

Getting the kids dressed, shoes found (and on their feet!), hair combed, teeth brushed, breakfast made, and lunches packed is no easy task. Who has time to figure out what to wear while heading out the door in the morning?! Not me, ever.

That's why I designed the play dress. If you're tired of yoga pants, then this is your one-stop-shop a.k.a. your #momuniform. I’ve put a spin on all my favorite designs and made them out of super soft, stretchy fabrics. They feel like pajamas, but will make you look and feel put together. From experience, Sonnet James dresses will allow you to get on your hands and knees to grab that missing lego piece under the refrigerator. At the end of the day when those banana hands have been wiped clean on your dress, throw it in the wash and you're good to go––no pricy dry-cleaning bills, no hand wash only!

customer love

I have the Reese and it is my absolute favorite! I call it "the yoga pants of dresses" because it is SO comfortable! Yet, it still looks like it took effort to get ready! Nope! 


I wore my Stella to the city today for a day at the museum, to Costco for some groceries, then straight home for a dinner party. I was comfortable and cute all day, I never had to change between the different events and it was amazing!


My husband calls my Sonnet James dresses my “uniform” because I wear them for literally every occasion–relaxing around the house with my toddler daughters, seeing patients as a doctor in the pediatric ICU, traveling (even long haul flights!), cooking dinner or baking with my girls, high holiday services, fancy restaurant dates with my husband, work meetings, afternoons on the beach, ethnographic research as an anthropologist…everything! I feel completely myself in them–comfortable and relaxed, yet put-together and confident.


I got my dress yesterday, wore it to work today and felt like a friggin' superhero. My son paid me the highest compliment: "Mom! You look like Batgirl!" I am so very pleased with my Sonnet James dress. I bought it because it is California designed and sewn with fabric made in the states. I love it because it is extremely high quality, comfortable, stylish and put together. I went from morning madness, to school drop off, to the financial district for work and finally to the pool for evening fun and dinner with my family.


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