The Playsuit

A beautiful note on the traditional Vietnamese "playsuit"

"Contrary to the notion that the ensemble is simply pajamas as though it were prêt-à-porter bought off the rack, part of a family's pride is the ability to provide everyone with individualized sets suited to each family member's personality and tastes

It is silk, it is delicate, it is made with care and attention, it is made to be worn daily rather than merely on special occasions. And better if the sets are made by a friend, a skilled tailor, or someone in the family.

Sets are often given as gifts for Tết (New Year's). Parents glow with pride to know their young ones, from the time their children can walk and talk, can go out in public in a smart ensemble. Wearing the ensemble holds the cultural sense that one has respect for others and for oneself, is friendly and personable.

It is not a consumer garment but for living with others under the same climate. Unlike Western imports, the áo bà ba signifies "I know who I am, a person who cares." Wearing the ensemble signifies one is not lazy, a slouch, or discourteous; it shows one has manners and approachable." -Wikipedia 

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