Lisa Moir's Styling Tips

November 06, 2017

Lisa Moir's Styling Tips

This was my first time hiring a stylist and I was nervous about it because styling has always been a huge part of Sonnet James and I didn't want it to change. However, I'm so glad I found Lisa because she was a huge help. Below, she shares some of her tricks of the trade for putting together a winter look. 

Soul Cycle

A monochromatic look works best by combining textures and/or similar shades (rather than one shade) of one color for an overall tonal look. This way you create depth, and it’s a simple, clean, and modern approach to pairing your main piece of clothing with accessories and outerwear. Here, we played with multiple layers of varied texture that added a beautiful dimension to the overall outfit.

jacket/zara   tights/anthropologie  shoes/cole haan

A Friend’s Wedding Upstate

A lot of us want to try the color block tights/shoes trend we have seen in editorials and runways, but it can be hard to pull off in real life. This is a safer and more tasteful way of achieving an elevated and sophisticated look. Choosing tights that are in the same mid to dark tone realm as the dress color helps to elongate the legs. When you are color blocking from head to toe, if you use colors that are in the same tones, you will create more of an elongated figure. Too much contrast between shoes and tights will draw too much attention away from the main focal point. In this case, the focal point should be your dress because it already has the eye-popping print. 

tights/anthropologie  shoes/madewell

Christmas Shopping for the Kids

A favorite look of mine is winter whites paired with blushes and creamy neutral tones. Here we paired the long Immy dress in Sand with a weightier jacket on top, both are long in length to create a sort of column look that elongates your figure. The small fibered texture of the dress against the super textural jacket make for a beautiful and complementary contrast. The shoes are casual and fun, and they work because they are in the same tonal family as the rest of the look.

coat/anthropologie  shoes/cole haan

Date Night at the Cinema
A really simple and fun way to get more out of this basic little black dress is to use a skirt as a layering piece. Only instead of layering the skirt on top of the dress, you wear it underneath to create the illusion of a layered hem. It instantly brings the dress from day to night. Also, when you want to play with a range of accessories all in one look, using black as your main color makes it easier to pull off, and keeps everything looking streamlined and chic. Here we played off the vintage feel of the skirt hem with a classic Mary Jane and classic French Beret. They all tell the same story, so it works.

beret/zara  skirt/anthropologie  shoes/isabel marant

Grocery Shopping at Whole Foods

Dressing up a simple black dress is fun and easy to do because it can be used as a basic palette for almost anything. We played up a trend this fall for embroidered coats, this one in a tribal pattern. A boxier wider coat in a bold pattern works best when you layer a dark dress with matching tights and boots to maintain a slimmer, sleek silhouette underneath it.

jacket/zara  tights/nordstrom  boots/steve madden

A trip to the city

 Why not take advantage of some of the best trends this fall to pump up your day dress and take it into the night? A short faux fur has that 50’s Hepburn feel and pairs well ALWAYS with a knee length dress. A sparkly heeled bootie marries with the jacket to make for a really beautiful, tasteful glam look. Faux fur and sparkly things can both be risky, because if you don’t pair them well it can look gawdy. Here, because the colors are all in the same family of softer neutrals against very soft tones of blueish grey colors, it  keeps it all looking very sophisticated. Most importantly, the silhouette still lends to the playfulness of the overall look.

coat/anthropologie  boots/sam edelman

Airport Style
This look is absolutely all about making a statement, with no apologies. We paired the floral playsuit with a luxurious and sumptuous velvet plush duster coat. Rich jewel tones are perfect for fall.

coat/zara  shoes/zara

xoxo, Lisa Moir @lisamoir_style

Styling details from other looks- 
Black high-heeled boots: via spiga
Faux fur coat: Anthropologie 
Sparkle boots: Sam Edelman
Pink coat: Old Zara
Solid black beret: Barneys
Pearl black beret: Zara
Black small purse: Anthropologie
Patent loafers: J Crew
Red heels: Anthropologie 
Burnt orange heels: Madewell
Grey houndstooth w/pom poms: Sam Edelman 
Tribal print jacket: Zara
Black tights: Nordstrom 
Colored tights: Amazon
Grey heathered tights: Anthropologie
Black hat with white pom: Barneys
Black oxford with back strap: COS
Heron print duster coat: Zara
Black with pearls tulle skirt: Anthropologie
Black heeled Mary Jane: Isabel Marant
White tennis shoes: Cole Haan grandpro
Multi-colored woven short jacket: Anthropologie
Grey tweed hat: Barneys
Grey coat: old Zara
Faux fur fuzzy white/tan coat: Anthropologie
Red backpack: Fjallraven Kanken 
Medium grey coat: Zara
Green quilted bag: Nordstrom
Maroon velvet coat: Zara

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