Meet Whitney, the creator of Sonnet James.

Whitney studied in Europe, lived in Hawaii and has explored every ridge of the Rockies. She rides motorcycles, likes to surf, and makes a chicken and dumplings that will simply knock your socks off. She often plays me the music she writes, inspires me with the furniture she builds, and drags me along on her epic journey to find the world’s best chocolate chip cookie. 

But first and foremost, Whitney is the mother of two adventurous, loveable and crazy little boys. In fact, they just may be the wiggliest boys I’ve ever tossed in the air. They are the center of her life and I see how she loves them.

Although Whitney had a career in interior design, her love for fashion and dedication to her sons led her to create Sonnet James. Whitney believes passionately in being a playful and involved mother. She also believes that with the right dress you can look great without letting your clothes get in the way of the next big adventure! Sonnet James was born out of the idea that beautiful clothing should work for moms—durable, comfortable, and beautiful, yet easy to care for. So, enjoy your Sonnet James dress at the park, the museum, and the city.

Play more! - Kylan (Whit’s big brother)

Sonnet James' Manufacturing Footprint

All our dresses are made here in San Francisco, CA.

The fabric we buy is made in New York.

Our hats are woven in Ecuador and blocked and trimmed in San Francisco.

We believe in fair trade and working locally.